About Us

24 Kaca provides digital tour and travel solutions in Indonesia. 24часа, which means 24 hours in Russia, was established by a few travelling addicts in 2016. Our Co-Founders started with a humble beginning through regular Open Trip Packages to Russia since 2016. Realizing the huge demand in this sector, we aim to become the best digital tour and travel solution provider in the Southeast Asian market by 2019.

We are re-defining the Tour and Travel Agency.

Our co-founders are die-hard travelling addicts. They love to travel, and they understand the pain-points of every single trip. From this passion of travelling, 24 Kaca team is assembled to provide the best solutions for every traveller. The team comes from various sectors such as banking, hospitality, and technology to come up with the best solutions for your travelling need.

24 Kaca Family

We invite you to be part of our growing family. Travelling could be expensive, but the weight was never supposed to be bear alone. 24 Kaca team keeps innovating the costing schemes to keep your travelling cost reasonable. The team is running several referral schemes for the Family.


Our growing team is dedicated to deliver the best solutions to your travelling need. The packages can provide as alternative options for your holiday with family, friends or even a solo-traveller. We will ensure that the solutions will be crafted in a meticulous way to ensure that you will get the best packages available!

  • Open Trip Packages
  • Through deep research, we found that experience sits at the top of the list of many travellers. This package is provided for you that want to blend with the local people in the country of destination. We will help you to learn the local language, culture, habits, and also to commute using the local transportation. You will live the lives of the native people and eat together with them. The team also shortlisted the best accomodation and transportation to stay within the specified budget to complete your holiday experience.

  • Premium Tour Packages
  • You want to pamper your loved ones, and we understand you. The package is handpicked by our experienced team to ensure you receive the premium experience you crave for.

  • Land Tour Packages
  • We also provide In-Land Tour that you might like to include in your existing tour package. It returns the flexibility to you. You don’t need to abide in any itinerary, you can mix and match the destinations that you like!